Time to make things happen!

If you are not familiar with the concept of D.R.O.N.E., please feel free to look around on www.dronethegame.com for detailed info. In the following text, we assume that you know what D.R.O.N.E. is all about.

Our motivation: Community

The concept of D.R.O.N.E. revolves entirely around the community. A community that has the power to make this wonderful concept a reality. You are a part of the community and we want to thank you for being here!

We have been working very hard on D.R.O.N.E. and are confident everybody who’s following us knows that. With a dev team of just five, working only part-time, we were able to achieve not only AAA looks, but have created a rock solid, scalable concept for a game that will stay fun and challenging for a very long time. Besides directly working on the game, we have put a lot of effort into spreading the word, creating videos and building our community.

Next Step: Demo

Thumbs Up AlienWe tried our best to generate good buzz with our trailers but it is obvious, you need to get your hands on something playable. Not only you, but also Youtubers. They will help to spread the word and they need more to show than just trailers. Awesome Soul, Frommy, Space Kryptonite, Gromek999, Lathland, just to name a few, as well as many people in our community, have recognised the potential of D.R.O.N.E. and have been repeatedly asking for a demo.

Why not just release what we have already?

Our moderators and Youtubers already have access to a private pre-release which we want to extend now, based on the feedback we got, and release it to our backers. But we want to go further. We are trying to make it so that all the systems of the demo can be used in the final game and thus we need to be careful with planning and coding. We want to...

Do It Right

The total scope of the demo will grow in several phases and we are certain that we want to have more gameplay than just the arena editor and drone test flights (for example, basic multiplayer and tournaments).

Early Access and your input as reward

We intend to release in stages. With each step we want the demo/game to grow, be further polished based on your feedback and more optimized for medium-low end hardware. When a step is finished, we intend to grant access to the next lower pledge. The final step is planned to be the release of the demo publicly for free and that is the point where phase one ends. Crowdfunding is intended to continue after that but without the “early supporter” badge. Since community support early on is very important for the growth of the project, backers of phase one get access to the final game as a reward for a smaller price than backers of subsequent crowdfunding stages, when we finish the final game.

What’s most important to us is that we want to create the entire game together with our community. We need feedback, suggestions and testing for all game stages (demo, pre-alpha, alpha, beta and final game). If you pledge, we want to give you the chance to actively shape D.R.O.N.E. with us, starting from the demo all the way to the final game!

When will the demo be available?

For our highest pledging supporters, we hope that it will be very soon. We’re confident they have fast computers and are able to run what we currently have. We plan and will try to update the demo approximately every month until the final public demo is released and we move to closed pre-alpha access.

Let’s start Crowdfunding Phase One!

Early Supporter

We will highlight what you, as an early supporter, made possible for every future drone operator. All backers of phase 1 will get a special “early supporter” badge, in addition to the supporter badges which are based on the amount of money pledged.


The badges will be visible on our discord, subreddit, future forum as well as in the final game itself. There are also many more rewards (check further down below). We will keep the physical rewards to a minimum, so we don't have the administrative overhead and extra costs, since the goal of the crowdfunding campaign is to fund the game and not to produce tons of merchandise.

What do we need?

Puppy Eyes AlienWell, first and foremost, time. And as everybody knows, time is money. We need to work fulltime and still be able to make a living and expand the team. All good things start small. The support from the community early on is the most important ingredient for growth and we want D.R.O.N.E. to get big. We have proven that we have the guts and the brains to tackle a project like D.R.O.N.E., so now it is time that we ask for help from the community. It is time to ask you! After all, it’s a community driven game.

Final Game — Minimum Scope

We promise to deliver the Minimum Scope game, regardless of the funds we receive during the crowdfunding campaign. The Minimum Scope is a game having at least the following features:

  • Arena Editor:

    • One set of arena editor blocks;
    • 3 earth like environments (green, desert and ice);
    • Weather system with dynamic day/night cycles;
    • 3 tournament types with a basic rule-set Editor.
  • Drone Editor:

    • 1 set of basic block types;
    • 3 weapon types (projectile, energy and rockets) + variations of each;
    • 6 types of drone components (thrusters, shield, armor, cloaking, energy generators and radars).
  • Spaceship Homebase:

    • The spaceship acts as a main menu and homebase for the player. It is also the basis for extension to some features and stretchgoals of future development.
  • Multiplayer:

    • Competitive matches;
    • Basic Community Hub;
    • Solid networking.
  • Gameplay Physics:

    • Easy-to-learn and difficult-to-master controls;
    • Controller support (e.g. Gamepads, Joysticks, HOTAS);
    • Initial weapon and component balancing.

Of course you can rest assured that we give our very best when we develop D.R.O.N.E. to make it bigger, better and closer to our full scope vision. As we have already achieved a lot in advance, we know that we can deliver at least the minimum scope as described above. Though, we want to create the complete vision and make D.R.O.N.E. live up to its full potential, for this we have laid out stretch goals with their roughly estimated required funds.

Final Game — Extended Scope (Stretch Goals)


While we cannot guarantee delivery of anything beyond the Minimum Scope, we intend to use your pledges to try to complete the following stretch goal features of D.R.O.N.E., if we reach the target amount for that goal. Below you can see our target features for each stretch goal.

  • 150K

    We already solved the technical details and the only missing thing is implementation in the project. For this reason, this is our very first stretch goal.

  • 170K

    Of course you can never have enough firepower, but we can certainly try to satisfy your destructive inner child. This also includes addition of melee weapons.

  • 190K

    Create arenas in Deep space, planetary orbit, inside the atmosphere and above the clouds. Meteor showers, asteroid fields and solar burst events are examples of environmental threats that can make gameplay more challenging and interesting.

  • 210K

    Beyond just heightmap modification we want to give you the possibility to paint paths, sandy areas, lava and more. With this goal being funded, it will be possible for us to add it to the creative toolset of D.R.O.N.E.

  • 230K

    Create arenas and drones together with your friends or clan members without getting into each other’s way.

  • 250K

    We stated that you can build arenas in: Deep space, planetary orbit, inside the atmosphere and on the planet’s surface. Why do we need to stop there? With additional funding, we will be able to extend the arena editor to go beyond that boundary and get some of the Descent feeling from 1994 back. Let’s explore some Caves!

  • 270K

    Gigantic mushrooms, fluorescent vegetation, drone chewing venus traps, supersized trees and basically all creative flora designs which are clearly different to plants known from our beloved Earth.

  • 290K

    We really hope you help us get here, the arena editor has so much potential. The question is just how much time and resources can we spend on creating another set that has a few thousand pieces? If we reach this goal, we will hire some 3d modelers and teach them our secret tricks to make more parts, just as good as we have already done. We already have crazy possibilities with the human made IFDT (Interstellar Federation for Drone Tournaments) approved set. However, we would love to add some exotic alienesque designs.

The Rewards

We have a wide range of rewards, most of them are self explanatory, some of them are described here and some are going to be a surprise. Please note that the rewards will be shipped once they are ready, we cannot name an exact delivery schedule.

As mentioned earlier, we do not have many physical rewards as they are expensive and complicated to manage, but for high pledges we want to give at least some neat t-shirts and mugs.

Physical Rewards

We will mostly have in-game rewards (stylish cosmetics and editor extensions) and honorable mentions and backer identifications (see badges above). The most important though, are the ones where you can actively help to shape the game.

Here is a table of our rewards:

Rewards Table

Why not crowdfund on Kickstarter or another established platform?

Kickstarter might be perceived as more trusted and more powerful marketing wise but it also has a lot of downsides, which are pretty severe in our case:

  • Limited campaign runtime;
  • All or nothing concept;
  • Only a portion of the collected funds arrive at the devs (< 60%).

As we want to make D.R.O.N.E. no matter the scope, we need flexibility in the campaign runtime as well as in the minimal funding goal. Also, even though, we have a very strong community, we don’t yet have as many followers as we need for a successful all or nothing Kickstarter of the magnitude we envision. Doing the crowdfunding on our own website allows us to let the campaign run indefinitely while the community grows. Otherwise, we would need to put all our efforts into marketing (no time left for active development) until we reach the necessary amount of followers. Also, we don’t have to deal with kickstarter fees and invalid pledges, which would lower the funding considerably.

We have been carefully setting up our crowdfunding campaign with our business accountants and specialized game lawyers to make sure everything is legit.

The Team

Rewards Table

The members of Five Studios Interactive, in order:

  • Tomasz Stobierski (Graphics Programmer)
  • Jakob Rößl (3D Artist)
  • Peter Rößl (Game Designer & Technical Artist)
  • Ferran Galvañ (3D Artist)
  • Nathaniel Doldersum (Main Programmer)
  • Sergiu-Florin Popa (Web Development)
  • Chad H. (Community Management)

Risks and Challenges

What you see in our trailers is what we were able to do with zero funding in just part time work. Imagine what we can achieve with some backup from your side. Sure, it’s still possible that we miscalculate the effort certain features take. In such a case, we would have to set priorities and limit features that are of lesser priority. To compensate for this risk as much as possible, we clearly divided the project up into core features and stretch goals. Apart from that, we have a good understanding of the technical difficulties that may arise and solved many of them already. We will share the progress with you and you will be able to follow the production from a very early point. We have a good plan, but in case a tough decision has to be made regarding the game design, we will go the democratic way and involve the community.

Regardless of the exact amount of features, by funding this game you can help to make it bigger and better, together “We Can!”.


pledged so far

  • Spectator

    • “Thank you” email
    • Supporter Badge Level 1
    • Closed Demo access starting with 6th release
  • Traveler

    • All previous rewards
    • Supporter Badge Level 2
    • “Traveler” Level Credits appearance (sorted by pledge amount)
    • Backer Area access (Discord & D.R.O.N.E. Forum)
    • Special Media access (Concept Art, Wallpapers, etc.)
    • Digital copy of the Final Game
    • Closed Demo access starting with 5th release
    • Extra decals to decorate your drone
    • Access to the backer chat room (chat with the developers)
  • Explorer

    • All previous rewards
    • Supporter Badge Level 3
    • “Explorer” Level Credits appearance (sorted by pledge amount)
    • Original Soundtrack access
    • Closed Demo access starting with 4th release
    • Early access starting with the Closed Beta
    • Extra decals to decorate your arenas
  • Operator

    • All previous rewards
    • Supporter Badge Level 4
    • “Operator” Level Credits appearance (sorted by pledge amount)
    • Closed Demo access starting with 3rd release
    • Early access starting with Closed Alpha
    • Flags to decorate your drones
  • Engineer

    • All previous rewards
    • Supporter Badge Level 5
    • “Engineer” Level Credits appearance (sorted by pledge amount)
    • Closed Demo access starting with 2nd release
    • Early access starting with Closed Pre-Alpha
    • 1 additional digital copy of the Final Game (2 in total)
    • Flags to decorate your arenas
  • Architect

    • All previous rewards
    • Supporter Badge Level 6
    • “Architect” Level Credits appearance (sorted by pledge amount)
    • Closed Demo access starting with 1st release
    • Access to the big spender chat room (prioritized chat with the developers)
    • Flags to decorate your spaceship
  • Smooth Operator

    • All previous rewards
    • Supporter Badge Level 7
    • “Smooth Operator” Level Credits appearance (sorted by pledge amount)
    • Upper class spaceship interior
    • Community group voice calls with the developers, occasionally (~every 2 months)
    • 2 additional digital copies of the Final Game (3 in total)
    • D.R.O.N.E. T-Shirt
  • Specialist

    • All previous rewards
    • Supporter Badge Level 8
    • “Specialist” Level Credits appearance (sorted by pledge amount)
    • Luxury spaceship interior
    • Community group voice calls with the developers, frequently (1x per month)
    • D.R.O.N.E. Mug
  • Ace

    • All previous rewards
    • Supporter Badge Level 9
    • “Ace” Level Credits appearance (sorted by pledge amount)
    • Special skins to customize your drone blocks
    • Personal calls with the developers, occasionally (~every 2 months)
    • Put a name of your choice on an alien vegetation type
  • Tactician

    • All previous rewards
    • Supporter Badge Level 10
    • “Tactician” Level Credits appearance (sorted by pledge amount)
    • Special skins to customize your drone components
    • Personal calls with the developers, frequently (1x per month)
    • Your name mentioned in the game lore
    • D.R.O.N.E. T-Shirt hand-signed by the developers
  • Strategist

    • All previous rewards
    • Supporter Badge Level 11
    • “Strategist” Level Credits appearance (sorted by pledge amount)
    • Special skins to customize your drone weapons
    • Your name, big in the game (e.g. as a major corporation)
    • Design a drone weapon with us (which is then available to all players)
  • Drone Legend

    • All previous rewards
    • Supporter Badge Level 12
    • “Drone Legend” Level Credits appearance (sorted by pledge amount)
    • Unique personal flag to decorate your drone
    • Design a drone component with us (which is then available to all players)
    • Delicious drone shaped cookies baked by our wives
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